Illustrating in Pixel and Paint

I bring to life portraits, yoga poses, fashion illustrations, and the magical realism of my imagination.

Artist, Veronica Dyer

Illustrator and creative director Veronica Dyer has been working in art for a lifetime and design for the past 10 years. She is the cofounder of branding studio Dyer & Duman Design.


By selecting a series of 4-6 photos of you or your loved one, I create and paint portraits that capture light and texture and living fire in the eyes. You receive an image ready to post on social media and PDF ready for print.


These are dedicated series for display and purchase in galleries or public spaces. Framed pieces from my 2019 Inktober challenge sold as a limited series at Relay Coffee, in downtown Hamilton.


Limited screen printed runs (preserves hyper colour and metallics) as well as standard, digital prints are available for purchase and shipping.Bring the art and inspiration into your home.

Selected Works

Digital & Analogue (traditional, hand painted)

Commission Rates and Fees


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